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Don’t Let Spring Break Be a Break from Healthy Activities for Your Kids (or You)

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that children be physically active for 60 minutes each day. During the school year, many get that exercise time in during PE class or recess. Don’t let Spring Break be a break from those healthy habits, though.

Action for Healthy Kids, an Illinois PTA cooperating agency, has some fun suggestions to get you and your kids up off the couch and moving. After all, adults should be getting 2½ hours of moderate-intensity activity each week as well. Ideas include:

Check out the full article for more ideas, as well as Action for Healthy Kids’ 40 Tips for an Active Family sheet. You can even keep a family activity calendar to record the amounts and kinds of activity for each family member and award points. Celebrate milestones for point totals with a favorite family activity or outing. There’s a sample physical activity tracker you can use.