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Social and Emotional Learning Pays Off

In 2009, Illinois PTA convention delegates adopted a resolution stating that based on Illinois PTA’s legislative positions, we would:

Since then, Illinois PTA has worked and partnered with cooperating agencies such as MHAI (Mental Health America, Illinois) and ICMHP (Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership) to bring attention to the benefits of Social and Emotional learning to schools, communities and parent groups across the state.

Education Week recently published an article on a study by Columbia University on the economic value of SEL. In the study, researchers considered the economic returns of six SEL interventions—from learning and literacy programs to combat aggression and violence to the skills that lead to better student engagement in their studies. The results were impressive: all of the SEL programs studied provided significant benefits that exceeded costs. The average return for the six interventions showed that every dollar invested in SEL programs returned more than 11 dollars in benefits. Be sure to check out the full article for additional information.