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Helping Your Child with Test-Taking

The US Department of Education has a wealth of information on helping your child succeed in school. As students head towards the end of the school year, tests and final exams will begin to loom large. Here is a list of things you can do to help your child with taking tests.

You can be a great help to your child if you will observe these do’s and don’ts about tests and testing:

After the Test
Your child can learn a great deal from reviewing a graded exam paper. Reviewing will show him where he had difficulty and, perhaps, why. This is especially important for classes in which the material builds from one section to the next, as in math. Students who have not mastered the basics of math are not likely to be able to work with fractions, square roots, beginning algebra and so on.

Discuss the wrong answers with your child and find out why he chose the answers. Sometimes a child didn’t understand or misread a question. Or, he may have known the correct answer but failed to make his answer clear.

You and your child should read and discuss all comments that the teacher writes on a returned test. If any comments aren’t clear, tell your child to ask the teacher to explain them.