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New Parent Checklist Provides Questions to Ask Your Child’s School and More

The first day of school is rapidly approaching (and may already be here for some schools on a year-round calendar). The US Department of Education has partnered with the National PTA and other organizations to create a new parent checklist of questions and resources for families to use to help ensure their children are getting the education they deserve.

The checklist follows the set of rights that Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently unveiled at the National PTA Convention. The checklist is available in both Spanish and English, and provides a list of key questions to ask at your child’s school, including:

Quality: Is my child getting a great education?

Ready for Success: Will my child be prepared to succeed in whatever comes next?

Safe and Healthy: Is my child safe and cared for at school?

Great Teachers: Is my child engaged and learning every day?

Equity and Fairness: Does my child, and every child at my child’s school or program, have the opportunity to succeed and be treated fairly?

In addition to the questions to ask of your child’s school, the checklist follows up with what to do if your child is not being educated to the known high standards for their grade level, advice from teachers on how to support your child’s success, and resources to help you help your child at home. It can be tough for a parent or caregiver to know how to support their child’s learning, but the new parent checklist is a great place to start.