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New College Scorecard Helps Families Make Informed Choices

For many high school seniors in Illinois, it’s a nervous time of waiting to hear which colleges and universities they’ve been accepted into. While they may be logging into websites or checking their e-mail rather than looking for that “fat envelope” that their parents did, making the final choice of where to go can still be a tough one for families. The US Department of Education has created the College Scorecard to help families with that difficult decision.

The College Scorecard provides families with information on

The scorecard also has links to helpful lists of schools pulled from the data, such as schools with low costs that lead to high incomes, schools with high graduation rates and low costs, and public four-year colleges with high graduation rates leading to high incomes. There are also links to information on paying for college.

The Department of Education has a blog post on their four key things to consider when choosing a college, based on the College Scorecard. Whether your family has a high school senior making a final decision or a younger student just starting to think about life after high school, be sure to use the College Scorecard to identify the right college or university for your child and your family.

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