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Humor Helps When Teaching Your Kid to Drive

It’s a challenge for any parent to help their child learn to drive. For the parent of a child with extra issues, whether it’s ADHD, anxiety, or autism, the challenge can be even greater. Gina Gallagher, co-author with her sister Patricia Konjoian of the book Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid, recently shared a post on their blog of the same name about helping her anxiety-ridden daughter learn to drive.

Ms. Gallagher approaches the challenges of raising an “imperfect kid” with both humor and love, and her post on teaching her daughter to drive is no exception. She wraps up her post with seven imperfect parent driving survival tips, all of which work well with any new driver. Among the tips are:

Be sure to read the full article for a little help in how to teach your child to drive and a little smile about the challenges we all face as parents.

Photo © 2012 by Alex Proimos under Creative Commons license.