Have you heard about Bedtime Math’s Crazy 8s? It’s the new nationwide after-school club designed to get kids fired up about math. Every week kids get to build stuff, run and jump,Crazy8sLogoHeader make music, make a mess… and make friendships at the same time.

Crazy 8s is like no other math club before it. Unlike the competitive, test-oriented clubs out there, Crazy 8s has an energy and playfulness that can appeal to any kid – not just those who already love math. Activities like Toilet Paper Olympics and Bouncy Dice Explosion show kids that math is approachable, tangible and fun. And the results are in: more than 1,000 enthusiastic kids participated in Crazy 8s clubs at 40 pilot locations last winter to rave reviews. Some coaches even had to turn kids away due to unexpected demand.

How does it work? Bedtime Math provides a free club kit with nearly all materials, including a full script for each session. The kit covers 8 weeks for grades 3-5 or K-2; 4 weeks for preschool. The school finds a coach, Bedtime Math sends the kit – it’s that simple. So far the response has been overwhelming. Over 1,000 clubs have already signed up for this fall – for nearly 20,000 kids!

Crazy 8s is the latest offering from Bedtime Math Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to get kids to love math as much as playtime or dessert. Bedtime Math serves up wacky nightly math problems for parents and kids aged 3-9 – by email, on its website, and on its free app. More than 50,000 loyal fans have joined the movement, earning coverage in TIME Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR. And now, Bedtime Math is partnering with elementary schools across the country to launch Crazy 8s, a hands-on experience that will overhaul our country’s view of math.

Bedtime Math invites local PTA chapters to learn more about their programming. Get all the details on Bedtime Math and Crazy 8s by visiting www.bedtimemath.org.