When our children are little, we anticipate and celebrate every milestone—sitting up, first words, walking, and more. When they get into school, meeting their education milestones are just as important, but we often don’t know what those milestones are or what they look like. Great Kids has come to the rescue with a series of short videos of children demonstrating the educational milestones in reading, writing, and math for kindergarten through fifth grade. Subjects include:

  • What does third grade writing look like?image-milestones1
  • Can your fifth grader get organized to write an essay?
  • Does your kindergartner “decode” like this?
  • Can your first grader tackle word problems?
  • Can your fourth grader do word problems with fractions?

The videos generally run under two minutes each and give you concrete examples of what to look for in your child’s work. Videos in Spanish and for grades 6 through 12 are currently under development, so be sure to keep coming back as your child grows to track those milestones.