Great-Schools-LOGO2-newSimilar to the PTA Parents’ Guides to Student Success, the Council of the Great City Schools has created a series of Parent Roadmaps to support parents with the new standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. There are English and math guides for each grade level from Kindergarten through eighth grade, as well as for high school as a whole. The roadmaps are available in both Spanish and English. Each guide covers:

  • What your child will be learning in math or English that year.
  • How to partner with your child’s teacher.
  • The differences between what they learn this year relative to the past year and the next year.
  • Sample problems that your child should be able to solve along with a solution (or possibly different ways to reach an answer).
  • Activities to help your child learn outside of school.
  • Additional resources on the standards as well as places to go for additional activities.

The Council of the Great City Schools is made up of the largest urban school districts in the country, including the Chicago Public Schools, focusing on the challenges of urban education. The Council has created a video series on the new standards as well as an information portal for parents.