Many parents limit their children’s screen time, but more important than the amount of screen time is Family holding a tablet computer and looking at itwhat they are doing on those screens. Katie Williams, M.Ed., a digital design teacher at the International School of Amsterdam with teaching experience in the US, China, Thailand, and the Netherlands, curates a page focusing on education apps for kids, with some helpful lists focused on teachers and parents as well.

The curated page collects links to the best apps for mobile devices (and some computer apps as well) in dozens of categories, including:

  • Best Art Apps for Kids
  • Chemistry and Biology Apps
  • Best History Apps for Kids
  • Best Foreign Language Apps
  • Best Apps for Groupwork
  • Anti-Bullying Apps for Kids
  • Coding Apps for Kids
  • Learn to Code for Adults/Teens
  • Apps for Drama Class
  • Circuit Apps for Kids
  • Best Middle School Apps
  • Best Pre-K Apps

Hovering over each link gives a brief description of the app, and you can sort each list of links either alphabetically, by popularity, or by curator ranking. Check out the page with your child to help them find apps that interest them. After all, wouldn’t you rather have them taking the Traveler IQ Challenge or playing Math vs. Zombies than yet another round of Candy Crush Saga?