Daughter looking a phone and ignoring her motherAt times, having a teenager in the house feels like having a giant toddler—it seems as if practically every word out of their mouth is “No” or “Why?” Liketoddlerhood, the teenage years are periods of intense growth both physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Kids Health has created A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Teen Years to help you navigate this challenging period of parenthood. The tips include:

  • Educate yourself
  • Talk to kids early and often
  • Put yourself in your child’s place
  • Pick your battles
  • Set expectations
  • Inform your teen—and stay informed yourself
  • Know the warning signs
  • Respect kids’ privacy
  • Monitor what kids see and read
  • Make appropriate rules

Check out the full article for the details on each of these points, and remember, just like those toddler years, the teen years will pass as well and eventually your child will become an independent, responsible, communicative young adult. The article is also available in Spanish.