National PTA announced a new resource to help Hispanic parents support their children’s education– Clave al Éxito (Key to Success). Developed in collaboration with Univision Communications, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GreatSchools, and many other non-profit organizations, the ground-breaking, mobile-optimized website empowers Hispanic parents and other family members to engage in their child’s education from the earliest years to help them become college ready.

Clave al Éxito is a user-friendly tool for Hispanic parents, guiding them on how to best support their child’s educational success from pre-kindergarten through high school. Among the site’s features are:

  • A grade-by-grade guide on what children should be learning each year
  • A Parent Academy with comprehensive videos and tools for parents to engage in their child’s education
  • Grade-specific book recommendation
  • A tool to track their child’s reading activity and share it with teachers
  • Information and guidance for parents on the new state assessments along with access to practice tests that their children can use to prepare
  • A mobile-first design aimed at parents who may only have internet access through their phone

With one out of every four students in the public school system today being Hispanic—a figure that is growing with Hispanics expected to account for the largest demographic under 18 by 2050—the need to educate Hispanic youth is critical for both the Hispanic community and the economic health of the United States. With 81 percent of the Hispanic-American community having smartphones (a higher rate than any other group), the mobile-first approach of Clave al Éxito is important to meet the needs of this community.