The Illinois PTA encourages all PTAs to incorporate because incorporation offers additional liability protections for all PTA members. In the event an incorporated PTA is sued, barring willful or wanton conduct, only the PTA, as an entity, with its limited assets, would be subject to lawsuit and/or damages, not the individual members. Liability of the members is limited to the assets of the corporation.

Incorporation is a simple procedure requiring some moderate fees:

  • The Secretary of State’s website, com, has a great deal of information on filing for, maintaining and checking on incorporation. In addition to finding information, downloadable forms and filing fees, the site offers a new real time search of the corporate database. This allows you to check to see that your PTA incorporation is up to date. To contact the office by phone, call (800) 252-8980. When checking for information on filing to become a corporation, be sure to look for the not-for-profit corporate information.
  • Complete two copies of Form NFP-102.10 from the Secretary of State’s Office, Corporation Division and return to the Secretary of State’s office with a certified check, cashier’s check or money order ($50 currently).
  • Common PTA names (e.g., Washington PTA, Lincoln PTA, etc.) should be identified with the PTA District number, Region name and/or town. A search on the website can tell you if the name you are requesting is already being used.
  • A registered agent is required. This individual should be someone who will have a long-term involvement as a member of the PTA. Notification is necessary when there is a change of registered agent. The permanent address for the corporation can be the same address used for the Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the PTA.
  • Within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the certificate of incorporation, it must be filed with the Office of the Recorder of Deeds in the county in which the corporation is located.
  • Annual reports are required to be filed with the Secretary of State before the first day of the corporation’s anniversary month. Failure to file could lead to dissolution of the corporation. The Secretary of State’s office usually sends a reminder to file this report, but it is also available online and a minimal fee is charged to keep the incorporation up to date ($10/year currently).
  • Article I of the PTA’s bylaws must be amended following incorporation to add a new third sentence, “This PTA is incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois.”
  • The office of the Illinois PTA should be notified at (800) 877-9617, providing the corporate 8-digit number.