You have probably seen it in social media, heard about it from friends, and maybe even felt it yourself—parents are finding themselves at a loss with the math homework their child is bringing home. Why does it look so different? Why don’t they do it the way that we learned? (Actually, they still do.) Here are four short videos from various sources to help you understand why and how math has changed with the New Illinois Learning Standards.

  1.  National PTA’s Common Core & Mathematics

National PTA created a series of videos on the Common Core State Standards. This video introduces the broad changes in math and covers the goals for the new math standards.


  1. Raj Shah Explains Why Math is Different Now

Raj Shah is the founder of Math Plus Academy in Ohio and is on a mission to show kids the joy of mathematics and science. In this video he walks you through several different methods of solving a multiplication problem and how these other ways can help students better understand what is actually going on mathematically and better prepare them for more advance math.


  1. Why Common Core Math Problems Look So Weird

Vox education reporter Libby Nelson put together a short video on how new approaches to math work to develop number sense using a subtraction problem. After you’ve watched the video, think about how you determine how much change you should get back from your $4.37 cup of coffee that you paid for with a $20 bill.


  1. Discussions in Math Class

Bill Day was the 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year in Washington, DC. In this video from Great Schools, he explains why math class now includes working in groups, discussions, and explaining how you got your answer.