conv logo 2Resolutions are how PTAs can make a difference for every child in Illinois. Many current policies and laws that have made a difference in the lives of children, youth, and families began as a resolution, often from a local PTA unit: establishing a Juvenile Justice System, ensuring complete vision exams for children before starting school, limitations on the use of cell phones while driving, and the Parents’ Guide to the Illinois Graduated Driver’s License System are just a few of the many ways PTAs have made a difference.

At the 114th Convention of the Illinois PTA delegates passed the Resolution on Young Adults Involved in the Justice System. This resolution, noting that scientific research on brain development shows that a young adult’s brain is not fully developed until approximately age 25, creates a committee to study whether Illinois should treat those ages 18 to 21 differently from adults in the justice system. The committee will consider whether separate diversion and sentencing options for those ages 18 to 21 or raising the age of the juvenile justice system to 21 are appropriate. The committee will present its recommendations at the 2017 Illinois PTA Convention.

Other action on resolutions at the 114th Illinois PTA Convention was to designate the 2013 resolutions on Prevention of Asphyxiation Games (Choking Game) and Energy Drinks  as continuing positions. A resolutions implementation report was also provided to convention delegates detailing actions the Illinois PTA has taken on previously adopted resolutions.