You may have recently heard about the importance of children having a growth mindset as part of the tools needed for success. We’ve even discussed its importance on One Voice Illinois. But how do you help your child develop a growth mindset?

The Project for Education Research that Scales (PERTS), a research center in the psychology department at Stanford University, has collaborated with Raise the Bar to create The Mindset Kit, a free set of online lessons and practices to help teach and foster a growth mindset in children. The kit has a set of ten lessons aimed at parents that take about three minutes each to complete. The lessons are short videos, surveys, articles, and activities that will teach you:

  • What a growth mindset is
  • Why a growth mindset is important for children
  • How mindset affects learning
  • How you can instill a growth mindset in your child
  • How to incorporate growth mindset activities in your everyday schedule

The Mindset Kit also includes information and lessons for teachers, for mentors, and for professional development of educator teams. There is also a collection of practices, strategies, and lesson plans that teachers can use in the classroom to help foster a growth mindset in students.

Photo © 2013 by Anne Davis under Creative Commons license.