We are happy to inform you that AIM now has a new type of coverage. Social Media Liability Coverage is a new product available if you have any worries about social media liability. As exemplary digital media citizens we sometimes don’t realize that the words we or others use may open us up to an unexpected liability. I encourage you all to look into this new product and determine if this is something appropriate for your unit. Below is an example of the form that needs to be completed should you choose to participate.

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At the National PTA Convention we were honored to have several keynote speakers. Julie Lythcott-Haims was a previous Stanford University Dean of Freshman speaking on the subject of helicopter parenting. In her book “How to Raise An Adult” she explains how we suffocate and stifle our children’s ability to be independent adults.

Here is an example of her discussion in Glenbrook, IL:

The National PTA and Scholastic have joined forces with Learning Heroes to do a national study on what parents really need as resources. After listening to parents across the nation, 75% of parents believe that educationally the biggest worry is are their children prepared for college or a good career? Over half are worried about not being able to afford college. With this information we will be doing a series of presentations regarding the Super 5 which are ACTIONABLE tips for parents to use. We will also be on the radio Thursday,  August 18th at 2:00pm. Resources are available in English and Spanish.

Another opportunity I wanted to let you know about is a movie screening of the Screenagers Movie. If you find yourself wondering how our youth will make it with SO much screen time, stay safe, and learn check out this trailer.


Here to serve,

Matthew John Rodriguez
Illinois PTA President