Last week marks a new day in history, as our new President has been elected. However, our vision, mission, and charge is still the same. We have to ensure every child’s potential becomes reality and no matter who is in office. We must stand up and fight for that to happen.

As you know, we represent you on many committees at the local, state, and federal education levels throughout the State and in doing so we will stay true to our mission. I was representing you last week at the IBAM (Illinois Balance Assessment Measure) committee meeting. During that meeting, Sara Boucek of the Illinois School Administrators Association, said it best. She said that “working together for the best accountability measure for the state has not changed.”

To that fact the Illinois PTA will continue our important work and move forward with our Mission. Our children’s safety, health, education, and well-being will continue to be the central focus as I and your board represent you.

Thank you ALL for all of the work that you do every day at every level of this association!


Here to serve,

Matthew John Rodriguez
Illinois PTA President