It’s starting to warm up and we are getting a great source of vitamin D these days. As we head to the National PTA convention this year I would like to you to review the resolutions and bylaws that are being presented and let me know what your thoughts are. It is very important to me to appropriately represent our state membership on all of our matters.



My contact info is if you would like us to take comments with us.

We will be making a state memory board to be displayed at the national convention. I would ask you to please send me pictures, via email, of the events you would like to highlight so they can be included. I know all of you are doing awesome things in your local units and this is our opportunity to show the entire country.

One last thing, please remember to send in your unused membership cards and dues payment to the state office to close out the year which ends June 30th. Thank you for your service.

Here to serve,

Matthew John Rodriguez

Illinois PTA President