With the school year at the halfway point and many of us making New Year’s resolutions, it’s also a good opportunity to take time to reflect on how you are doing in your PTA role. Use the self-assessment questions below as well as those to ask of others on how you are doing to reflect on the past few months and get ready for the remainder of the school year.

Questions for Me in My PTA Role

  • Do I keep in touch with other volunteers?
  • Do I attend meetings regularly?
  • Do I do my homework before attending meetings or taking part in other PTA work/activities?
  • Do I participate in meetings?
  • Am I honest in meetings and other settings when expressing what I think?
  • Do I understand our PTA’s (or committee’s) goals?
  • Do I take responsibility for trying to reach our goals?
  • Do I understand my role? What important results are expected of me?
  • Do I follow through on my assignments?
  • Do I complete my assignments on time? If I can’t, do I let the appropriate people know?
  • On what things do I spend a lot of time and effort?
  • What important things would not get done if my role were not being filled?
  • What contributions have I made?
  • What has made me less effective this past year than I could have been?
  • What can I do that would help make me a more effective leader?
  • What can the PTA do that would help me be a more effective leader?
  • What are my goals as a PTA leader for the coming year?

Questions to Ask Your PTA Members

  • As a PTA leader/volunteer, what did you like best about working for the PTA this last year? What did you like least?
  • Do you have suggestions for improving this PTA in the coming year?
  • How can our PTA help you reach your goals as a PTA volunteer and community member?