A parent’s life is busy, and the holidays are busier than usual. If you’re having trouble finding time to spend with your kids, All-Pro Dad has a list of ten ways to make time for your children. Among our favorites are:

  • Commit to a family mealtime each day.
  • Identify one thing on your weekly schedule that you can do without and replace it with kid time.
  • Volunteer to participate in a regularly scheduled child activity, such as coaching a softball team or helping with a school activity.
  • Identify one children’s show on TV that you secretly like to watch and make a point of watching it with your child. (Holiday bonus—watch your favorite specials with them!)
  • Develop an interest in a hobby you and your child can share together.

Check out the full list at All-Pro Dad, and consider the question posed at the beginning of their article: what insignificant things are we wasting our time on that are preventing us from spending time on things that really matter?