The teenage years are often fraught with tests of a parent’s patience. As they struggle with their growing independence, they often say things that make a parent’s hackles rise. All Pro Dad details how to handle six things that teenagers often say that help you avoid an angry confrontation, turning it into an opportunity for conversation and growth.

These six phrases are something almost every parent hears out of their teenager at one time or another. They are:

  1. “It’s not fair.”
  2. “Everyone else is allowed to…”
  3. “This sucks.”
  4. “You can’t make me.”
  5. “Whatever.”
  6. “I hate you.”

Read the article to learn how to handle these difficult phrases when your teenager fires one of them off at you. Doing so will help you keep your teen communicating with you and lay the groundwork for the sometimes difficult conversations you have to have with them.