Fifty years ago tomorrow, humans first walked on the moon. For some of us, it may have been one of our first memories of an historical event, with our parents waking us up a few hours after our bedtime or letting us stay up late to see those first steps. The Apollo missions also inspired a generation of youth to go into science and engineering. If you’ve got a child interested in the moon landings, NASA has a website dedicated to celebrating the 50thanniversary and looking forward to the future.

On the website, you’ll find things such as:

The website is chocked full of resources that lets you and your child relive the historic moon landings and provides a great way to get your child interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Your PTA can follow up this fall by hosting a STEM + Families event. Two grant opportunities are open now through September 8, 2019 to provide funding and resources for local PTAs and PTA Councils to host a STEM + Families event.