We’ve talked about the “summer slide” before, and with this year’s shift to online learning due to the pandemic, many are concerned that the “COVID slide” could put students behind where they were at the start of the school year last fall. Longtime National PTA partners Learning Heroes has resources to help you determine what your child learned this year and where they may need some help through their Summer Stride Readiness Check (en Español).

The Readiness Check lets you pick your child’s grade (kindergarten through 8th grade) and either math or reading. You then have your child go through the three to five grade-appropriate questions on the subject. When they’re done, you can review your child’s answers, see which ones they got right or wrong, and see how to do the problems correctly. The readiness check then provides you links to other resources that can help your child in the areas where they may be struggling.

Make sure your child doesn’t suffer a “COVID slide” by using the Readiness Check and other resources from Learning Heroes.