As Illinois heads towards back-to-school time, families are again facing the possibility of their children either starting the year with online classes or perhaps moving to online classes later should cases of COVID-19 increase in their area. After the sudden shift to online learning this spring, some parents and caregivers may be concerned about how continued online learning may affect their child. The Child Mind Institute has some strategies for supporting learning at home broken down by age for preschoolers all the way up to college students.

The resources are broken out for:

There is also a guide to family resources for remote learning for students of all ages.

For each age group, you will find suggestions on how children of that age learn, how parents and caregivers can best support their child’s learning, suggestions on scheduling learning throughout the day, and how to address challenges from or resistance to online learning. Some of the age groups also have information on supporting your child’s mental and emotional health needs, building their independence, or working with their teachers. Be sure to check out the appropriate resources for your child to ensure they have a successful start to the school year.

Photo courtesy of the US Army.