Learning Heroes, in partnership with National PTA, Univision, and Remake Learning Days Across America, has launched Paths to Success, a research-based bilingual resource aimed at helping parents of middle school and high school students prepare their child for success in high school and beyond—whether that path leads to a four-year college, technical program, or a job. Learning Heroes is also hosting a free webinar on Preparing for Postsecondary Success—As the Stakes Get Higher, How Do We Support the Transition to High School? at 6pm (CST) on February 25th. You can register by clicking the linked webinar title. The webinar is part of Learning Heroes’ ongoing webinar series.

Paths to Success includes Learning Heroes’ Readiness Check because being on track at 9th grade is the most reliable predictor of high school graduation. Paths to Success includes information for families on:

  • Knowing the milestones, from high school graduation requirements, to courses to take throughout high school, to standardized tests needed for college applications.
  • Nurturing life skills such as motivating students during remote learning, teaching your teen organization skills, and helping your teen deal with stress.
  • Reflecting on their interests to help them find out which career path and options are right for them.
  • Considering class choices, including how to earn college credit while in high school and ensuring that those credits get applied when they get to college.
  • Planning ahead by learning how the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) works and how to transfer from one college to another if their first choice doesn’t fit like they thought it would.

Ensuring that your child is making the right choices and taking the right classes to go to college or to pursue the career of their dreams can be difficult. Check out Paths to Success to help your family find the right path for your child’s success and join Learning Heroes for their webinar on the topic on February 25th at 6pm (CST).