As back-to-school time means kids actually going back to school, Learning Heroes has a collection of resources to help families start the school year off right by partnering with their child’s teacher. Their Parent-Teacher Planning Tool helps you connect with your child’s teacher by walking you through the key information you should share about your child. And as they always are, Learning Heroes resources are also available in Spanish.

Children see greater success in the classroom when parents and teachers work together. The Parent-Teacher Planning Tool walks you through three simple steps to create a printable (or e-mail ready) introduction of your child’s strengths and weaknesses for your child’s teacher. The plan covers:

  • Where your child does well and where they struggle
  • What your child is excited to learn about
  • Other things you’ve noticed about your child that their teacher should know about them
  • What Learning Heroes’ Readiness Check says about your child
  • How to ask about your child’s teacher’s approach to supporting learning, especially given the disruptions caused by the pandemic
  • What are the critical skills your child needs to learn this year
  • How you can support those skills at home

Learning Heroes also has a downloadable “Dear Teacher” letter that you can fill in the blanks and print or e-mail to your child’s teacher that provides additional information about your child. Use the Parent-Teacher Planning Tool to help you start off the school year with your child’s teacher as a partnership for success.