Remote learning during the pandemic worked for some students, but for others not so much or not at all. With the return to the classroom, many students have struggled to get back on track. If you’re looking to help your child catch up over the summer, the Summer Parent-Teacher Planning Tool from Learning Heroes can help you work with your child’s teacher to make a plan.

The planning tool walks you through academic questions to ask your child’s teacher, how to discuss social and emotional skills, and how to create a plan to help your child build their key math and reading skills over the summer so they’re ready to start their next grade level. You can print a blank copy of the plan with space for notes to use in a face-to-face meeting (in-person or online). You can also fill in your notes directly in the tool during your discussion and then print out or e-mail the final document.

Summer can be a time for your child to relax and take on new challenges, but it can also be a time of learning loss. Use the Summer Parent-Teacher Planning Tool to ensure that some of the time this summer is used to get your child ready to charge into next year.