The Illinois PTA State Board of Directors has proposed a $0.50 dues increase starting July 1, 2023. Delegates to the Illinois PTA Convention will vote on the proposal as part of the business of convention on April 20, 2023. Here’s what PTAs need to know about the proposed dues increase.

Why a Dues Increase?

The last dues increase of $0.25 was adopted at the 2017 Illinois PTA Convention. In the ensuing six years, costs have increased while revenues have decreased. The pandemic has affected both, as Illinois PTA needed technology services for virtual events and as local PTAs struggled with membership. After last year’s convention delegates did not pass the proposed dues increase, the State Board of Directors has continued to cut costs—last year’s budget was $43,730 less than the pre-pandemic budget.

Why $0.50?

Last year’s proposed dues increase was for $0.75. There are four reasons why the State Board of Directors decided to ask for a $0.50 increase in dues this year:

  • The State Board of Directors has cut costs by closing the state office, reducing staff, eliminating in-person events and training, postponing implementation of new programs, eliminating almost all representation at National PTA and in Springfield (e.g, serving on Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois General Assembly committees), and using state board member donations to fund some critical budget items.
  • The $0.50 dues increase will provide funding for additional programs and activities to support local units (see more details below).
  • A lower dues increase would require further budget cuts that would likely leave Illinois PTA in a difficult financial situation and require yet another dues increase again in a year or two. The $0.50 increase is expected to provide the resources for Illinois PTA to help local units grow membership and leadership.
  • A $0.50 increase in Illinois PTA dues brings the total to $2.75, which is still at the lower end of state PTA dues both for other state PTAs in the Midwest and for state PTAs of similar size in membership.

What will the $0.50 mean for my PTA?

The budget including the dues increase proposed by the State Board of Directors and to be adopted by the delegates at the Illinois PTA Convention targets the increased funding to these items:

  • Returning regional field service funds to pre-pandemic levels to provide for in-person training and events in all regions.
  • A new statewide PTA leadership program that has been created but currently lacks funding to implement it.
  • A new Illinois PTA Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) program that was developed pre-pandemic but has not had the funding to roll out to our local PTAs.
  • Additional support for membership activities, including expansion of the new membership recognition program and development of new membership tools and resources.

What happens if the dues increase isn’t approved?

Illinois PTA will need to make further cuts to a budget that is already very limited in what can be cut and the leadership and STEAM programs will remain on the shelf. Additional budget cuts will also make it increasingly difficult for state board members and Illinois PTA to effectively support local PTAs and PTA Councils.