This Valentine’s Day, Illinois PTA would like to spread a little love around.

  • We love our local PTAs and PTA Councils. You all are where so much of what PTA is happens, and we couldn’t do this without all of you. We love being on this journey with all of you by our side.
  • We love our members. Our members are what make Illinois PTA strong and make our voice heard in Springfield. We love that you support our children and our mission.
  • We love our volunteers. From the Illinois PTA president on down to the person helping at the book fair for a local PTA, we are all volunteers, and we love that you share your time and talents with PTA.
  • We love our advocates. Advocacy is how PTA makes lasting change in our communities and across Illinois. We love having your voice added to PTA’s one voice to improve the lives of children.
  • We love our stars. We already have over 100 PTAs and PTA Councils that have become stars in the Illinois PTA Reach for the Stars membership recognition program, a huge increase from last year. We love that these PTAs are sharing their passion for PTA that makes people want to join them.
  • We love our leaders. Volunteers make PTA go, but our PTA leaders are the ones who go a step further to ensure that everything gets planned and everything gets done. We love your ability to inspire others to make PTA happen in your school and community.
  • We love our Illinois children. Our children are at the heart of everything we do in PTA, and we love seeing and celebrating their achievements and talents at Spotlight.