Our friends at Learning Heroes have just launched Go Beyond Grades, a program aimed at helping families support summer learning. Go Beyond Grades is a national campaign with a focus on six cities across the country, including Chicago. As with almost all Learning Heroes resources, the materials are available in Spanish as well.

Go Beyond Grades encourages families to look beyond their child’s grades when thinking about summer learning. The website has resources to help families practice the ABCs of summer learning:

  • Ask the teacher if your child is on grade level for reading and math.
  • Be in the know about your child’s learning and what’s expected in each grade.
  • Connect to programs for summer learning like tutoring, camps, activities, jobs, and more.

The website has resources for each of these areas.

For families in Chicago, one of the six focus cities for the Go Beyond Grades campaign, there are Chicago-specific resources and information on summer learning programs and opportunities. There are also social media items your PTA can share to raise awareness of the Chicago-focused or the national campaign. Check out the Go Beyond Grades website for more information.