House Bill 129 amends the Illinois School Code to allow school boards to designate the first Monday in October of each year as “Bring Your Parents to School Day.” The law took effectPortrait Of Multi Generation Family January 1, 2014. Local school boards have the option of adopting the law which will allow parents to attend class with their children as well as meet with their school administrators. The purpose of the legislation is to embrace family engagement. Studies show there is a direct correlation between family engagement and student success.
Here’s what can a local unit or council can do:

  • Ask if the school district is recognizing Oct 6th as Bring Your Parents to School Day.
  • If not, ask if another day has been set aside in the district to provide this opportunity.
  • Partner with your school to assist with the event—offer to provide volunteers, refreshments for families, an activity during the day, or a follow-up family event in the evening for families unable to attend during the school day such as PTA’s Family Reading Experience or an activity which helps with the School Improvement Plan.

The more families are engaged the more children and the school community grows. Let our Vice President of Program Services, Brian Minsker, know what your PTA is doing to support family engagement at