9 Family Engagement Strategies for Middle School PTAs

Family engagement is a lot easier at the elementary school level: kids want their parents around and events and programs are easy to come by. That changes with middle school and children beginning to assert their independence. As Illinois PTA has pointed out in the past, middle school PTAs can find success by focusing more … Continue reading 9 Family Engagement Strategies for Middle School PTAs

Right to Play and Your PTA

In our wrap-up of this spring’s legislative session, Illinois PTA noted the passage of SB654, the Right to Play Every Day bill that guaranteed every kindergarten through fifth grade student 30 minutes of “supervised, unstructured, child-directed play” every school day. Governor Pritzker has now signed the bill into law, and its requirements take effect immediately. If … Continue reading Right to Play and Your PTA

The Emergency Broadband Benefit

Internet access has been critical during the pandemic, and many of your school’s families may have struggled with obtaining devices or getting or maintaining internet service. The Emergency Broadband Benefit is a temporary program from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that provides eligible households with discounts of up to $50/month for internet access and a one-time discount … Continue reading The Emergency Broadband Benefit