What’s your PTA’s big fall fundraiser – a carnival, book fair, chili cook-off, garage sale? Whatever it is, using popular social media platforms like potlucks-photoFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram can rally parents, extend your reach, recognize sponsors and boost profits!

Plan it!  Starting 4-5 weeks before the event, map out a detailed Social Media Plan.  Identify who will be posting, on what platforms, and when.  Get specific – e.g.
One week before: Ann will post photos of Silent Auction Baskets on a Pinterest
Board and post links to it on PTA Facebook and Twitter.

Morning of: Rosa will post this on PTA Facebook and Twitter – Don’t miss Principal A. in the dunking booth at 2pm! Big fun @ #EastElemCarnival. Thx 2 our sponsor @BigStore!
Tag it!  Designate a hashtag for the event and print it on all pre-event communication (newsletters and flyers) and prominently on programs and signs during the event.  For example, if a parent forgot the school Carnival on a Saturday afternoon, seeing her friends posting #EastElemCarnival on Facebook and Instagram will trigger her to gather the kids and get to the school playground pronto. {Be sure to post your PTA’s full social media addresses too so parents don’t have to guess if your Twitter handle is @EastElemPTA or @EastElementaryPTA.}
Staff it! Recruit volunteers quickly and easily using VolunteerSpot’s free online scheduling tool.  Plan your needs and post a sign-up link right in your social media feeds.  Parents will pick a shift and sign up from any device, then VolunteerSpot will remind them when it’s their turn to pitch-in.  Bonus: Get a FREE Premium upgrade when you register your account at http://volunteerspot.com/ILPTA
Buzz it! Ask social-media active parents to post fun comments and photos in the days leading up to the event.  E.g.
           Look what I made for the Cake Walk tomorrow! #EastElemCarnival {cake photo}.
           Kids can’t wait for Movie Night @EastElemPTA!  #FrozenSingalong
Reward it!  Set up incentives to get people posting. E.g. :
           Get a free popcorn when you check in on Facebook.
          Take a selfie with the school mascot using the hashtag #WestHSFair and get a bonus raffle entry.
“Like” our PTA Facebook page and our Gold Sponsor’s page to get 5 extra game tickets.

We hope these social suggestions get your creative juices flowing and make your event more fun and profitable and boost your online communities. Please let us know what you try and learn over on our VolunteerSpot facebook page.  Happy Fundraising!