C4R LogoBullying has become a major problem in our communities and our schools. Where does it end? With us, parents, school staff, community partners, law enforcement, and yes, even students. Preventing bullying is everybody’s business, so why not work together to do it? Studies have shown that 43% of teens have either been physically bullied or cyber-bullied, yet only 11% of those teens have talked to their parents about the incident. We all must get involved to end this crime that’s hurting our youth.



  • Listen and talk with children regularly about why bullying/cyber-bullying is wrong and hurtful. Let them know that engaging in this act is unacceptable and possibly illegal.
  • Communicate online rules and responsibilities to children. Enforce rules with tangible consequences.
  • Support school policies and rules that help create a safe place for students to learn.

School Staff

  • Develop an anti-bullying code of conduct that clearly spells out what behaviors will not be tolerated.
  • Talk and educate students on the issues of bullying/cyber-bullying. Let students know where they can report an incident or seek help.
  • Support an anti-bullying program to create a positive school climate.

Community Partners

  • Provide counseling, extended learning programs, and youth programs or services.
  • Sponsor internet safety and bullying awareness days for youth to learn more prevention tactics.
  • Suggest ways to create an enforceable anti-bullying policy for on and off school grounds.
  • October is National Bullying Prevention and National Cybersecurity Month. October 6th is Blue Shirt Day, join in solidarity to stop bullying/cyber-bullying by wearing your Blue Shirt to Stomp Out Bullying.