Friday night high school football is as much a part of the fall as cider and raking leaves.
A new law signed by Governor Pat Quinn adds Football Play 1new protections for high school athletes regarding concussions. The law requires the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) to develop and implement an online training program on concussion awareness and reduction for all coaching staff and athletic directors.

The online training will focus on concussion recognition and prevention, what to do when a player may have a concussion, and education on the long-term effects of repeated head trauma. Completion of the training and certification will be mandatory for all high school coaching staff, not just those coaching football. Student athletes will also receive concussion awareness education.

Concussion awareness is also part of National PTA’s Back to Sports Night program, developed with the National Football League (NFL). The program consists of four activity stations, each one taking approximately 15 minutes, cover concussion symptoms and treatment, keeping families active with NFL Play 60, hydration tips, and proper tackling with Heads Up Football. Your PTA can find all of the materials for the free program in the NFL Back to Sports Night toolkit.