Today’s guest post is from Ed Barsotti, Executive Director of the League of Illinois Bicyclists. Illinois PTA partnered with the League oLIBlogo-NEW-printf Illinois Bicyclists to bring a new Program to Go to local PTAs. Be sure to check out the League’s Facebook page for additional news and information on bicycling in Illinois.

Here is a simple and fun program in which as few as one or two volunteers can help fill an important gap in students’ safety education!

Your local PTA unit is invited to participate in a statewide Bike Safety Challenge conducted by the League of Illinois Bicyclists. Students will complete an interactive, online quiz at, either at home, at a PTA family night, or—if permitted—as a school computer lab exercise.

Conduct a friendly competition for highest participation rate, between classes or grade levels at your school—or between your and nearby schools. Participating PTAs (or their school) will be eligible for $250 prizes in a drawing taking place after the May 16 deadline.

PTA volunteers do not need specialized training on bike safety to run this program. Just consult the instructions provided in this Program to Go, and visit

The Bike Safety Quiz is fun and educational, with Secretary of State-approved questions about bicycle laws and safety techniques. Learning comes from short explanations tailored to a student’s right or wrong responses, and, if needed, through repeated chances to answer a question correctly.

Bicycle safety topics are usually missed in school (and driver education) curricula and elsewhere. Join other local PTAs and bring the Bike Safety Challenge to your school!