Happy kids in row wear colorful bike helmetsMany schools in Illinois participated in Bike to School Day on May 6th. Others participated in Walk to School Day back in October. But being active on theway to school shouldn’t be limited to one or two days a year.
Action for Healthy Kids, an Illinois PTA partner, has a Game On! program designed to challenge schools, staff, students, and families to incorporate healthy food choices and physical activity into their daily lives.

This month, the Game On! challenge involves walking or biking to school. One of the suggestions is to form an after-school run, walk, or bike program. Here are their tips for getting a club started:

  • Take an informal poll from students and parents about their interest in an after-school run, walk, or bike club.
  • Before you start the club, talk with your principal to get feedback and information on next steps, policies, and procedures.
  • Spread the word! Create a bulletin board to advertise the club. Include information on emails, newsletters, and all calls and flyers sent home with students.
  • Determine a route.
  • At your first club meeting, set ground rules with the group to include designated areas, path etiquette, waiting to cross streets, etc.
  • Continue with regular club meetings.
  • Have fun with your students and families exercising together!

If you’d like to know more about participating in Walk to School Day or Bike to School Day next school year, be sure to check out the ready-to-use guides at Walk/Bike to School. If your PTA or school already has a running, walking, biking, or other fitness club, please drop us a note about what you’re doing. We’d love to share your success with other PTAs across Illinois.