woman-975339_960_720Have you ever wished that your kid came with an instruction manual? Do things like homework hassles, sibling issues, and shutting down the screen when asked leave your nerves frayed? Great Kids has a new resource to help you with what to do when issues arise: Parenting Cue Cards.

The cue cards were developed in conjunction with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and provide you with what to say and do when your kid is pushing one of your buttons. The cue cards are grouped into eight broad categories:

  •  Positive Discipline
  • Dishonesty
  •  Time & Organization
  • Attitude & Defiance
  • Motivation
  • Screen Time
  • Homework
  • Siblings

Under each category are three to six issues that many parents face, such as “My child refuses to turn off the computer, TV, or video game when I ask.” and “My child struggles to leave the house on time.” Then for each issue there is a series of five cards that provide you with a DO, a DON’T, a SAY, a DON’T SAY, and a WHY.

The cue cards may not be a complete instruction manual, but they provide a great resource to help you navigate some tricky parenting issues. The cue cards are mobile-friendly so you can access them on the go from your smartphone.