TakesActionHeader_Final_1050px cropLike many Illinoisans, you are probably concerned about the lack of a current state budget and the outlook for next year’s budget. You might be wondering if your child’s school will be able to stay open for the full 2016-2017 school year or if it will open at all. You would be willing to contact your legislators in Springfield, but you don’t know what to say or maybe who exactly is your state representative or state senator. Illinois PTA’s new Voter Voice advocacy tools are here to help.

Illinois PTA currently has an active campaign to urge the governor and state legislators to pass a state budget to support the education, health, and welfare of children and families in Illinois. By following the previous link or going to our Take Action page, you can easily send a pre-written e-mail to the governor, your state senator, your state representative, and your local newspapers. You can add additional information on how the budget crisis is affecting your family, your child, or your school. Enter your e-mail address and zip code (and perhaps street address for zip codes that are in two or more districts), and Voter Voice identifies your legislators and sends the e-mail out automatically. It literally only takes a minute. Illinois PTA members from across the state have already sent over 1,500 e-mails as part of this call to action. Join them and take action today!

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