family-325218_960_720We all know the importance of building our vocabulary even as adults. A broad vocabulary ties into everything in our lives—reading, speaking, writing, singing, and more. It is one of the foundations of education. But when it comes to helping our children build their vocabulary, many of us are at a loss of how to do that.

NBC News’s Education Nation Parent Toolkit has a collection of four WordTree worksheets and two “Did You Know” information sheets using words that naturally come up during the summer. The sheets focus on summer weather, vacations, and fun summer activities, and help you help your kids develop their vocabulary through the world around them. Each WordTree provides a list of vocabulary words and asks you and your child to provide a definition, list a synonym, and use the word in a sentence.

You can find the blank activity sheets for

as well as the “Did You Know” information sheets (#1 and #2) and completed examples in the Parent Toolkit article.