Whether you’re a teacher looking for a class project or a PTA leader looking for an activity station at an event, Instructables has a new resource to help. Instructables has long been a website full of do-it-yourself projects of all sorts, and now with Instructables Education, projects suitable for students are grouped by appropriate ages or subject area.

The collection offers projects for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Categories include:

  • Math
  • Art
  • Science
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Arduino (a tiny pre-built programmable computer)
  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Workshop (classes to develop various skills)

Instructables is also offering free one-year premium memberships to students and teachers that allow PDF downloading of projects and less advertising. The offer states that it is not just for traditional classroom teachers, but also includes anyone whose job is explicitly educational, which might mean a PTA leader planning an activity night or after school club is eligible as well. The process involves applying for a free premium membership code.

Instructables robot logo used with permission.