You probably know that National PTA has a wealth of resources to help you support your child’s education, but perhaps you’re a little short on time to hunt them down and read through them. This fall, National PTA launched its Notes from the Backpack podcast as part of their Center for Family Engagement.

Each podcast lasts about 30 minutes, and there are already a dozen episodes for you to listen to, including:

  • The Truth about School Discipline in America
  • How is Your Kid Really Doing in School?
  • Middle School: What Every Parent Should Know
  • Recess: Is it Just for Play?
  • The Myth of the Uninvolved Parent
  • How to Raise Confident Kids
  • How to Handle Homework: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  • Asking the “Right” Questions
  • Partnering with Your Child’s Teacher
  • ¿Está su Hijo Recibiendo los Servicios que Necesita? (Is your child getting the services you need? a special episode in Spanish)
  • How College Ready Are You?
  • Beyond Academics: Preparing Your Kids for Life

Each podcast also has a transcription of the podcast available in Spanish as well. The holiday break is a great time make a cup of cocoa, settle in, and get caught up on the podcast.