Safer Internet Day is an internationally-celebrated education and awareness event occurring on February 11, 2020. National PTA has partnered with Connect Safely and TikTok to create a ready-to-use Safer Internet Day toolkit. National PTA also has their Smart Talk event planning toolkit as well that you can use for a second or alternative event.

The Safer Internet Day toolkit has everything you need to plan, promote, and host your event in either English or Spanish, including:

  • An event planning guide and checklist
  • Talking points for PTA leaders
  • Volunteer invitations, sign-up sheets, and thank yous
  • Tips for recruiting non-PTA volunteers
  • Promotional flyers and e-mail invitations
  • Draft letters to elected officials and press releases for media
  • Social media samples
  • Suggested budget
  • Event agenda, presentation (PowerPoint and Google Slides), and script
  • Handouts
  • Prompts for a student panel
  • Media release waiver

We all want our children to be safe online, and new apps and technologies often become popular with our children long before we become aware of them. If you or parents at your school want to learn about the latest popular app, TikTok, consider hosting a Safer Internet Day event on February 11th.