Take Your Family to School Week occurs the week of February 17th to honor the day that PTA was founded in 1897 and is designed to provide families an opportunity to get more involved in their child’s education and to strengthen their relationships with their child’s teachers and administrators. Take Your Family to School Week 2021 may look different this year with PTAs perhaps not able to have families connect at their child’s school, but National PTA has updated their resources so PTAs can provide programs that will allow families to connect with their child’s school regardless of whether it can be in-person or not.

This year’s Take Your Family to School Week toolkit provides PTA programs in three different modes: In Real-Time, At Your Own Pace, and Tech-Free. The resources for each available program will allow your PTA to design an event that will work for your school and community whether it is at the school, in the home, or online.

Start by using National PTA’s planning guide (in Spanish) and choosing a program as the focus of your event. Options include:

Then use the provided templates (available in both English and Spanish) in the toolkit to invite parents and promote your event on social media and in your newsletter. Don’t forget to use the template to let your local media know about your event as well, as they are likely looking for stories on how groups like PTAs are adjusting their activities to the pandemic. Use the planning materials from your chosen program to set up and run your event, and when it is over, don’t forget to thank your volunteers. 

While Take Your Family to School Week 2021 may look different from previous years, it can still provide that critical opportunity for families, PTAs, and schools to connect and build relationships to support student success. Start planning your PTA’s event today.