There have been so many challenges throughout the pandemic, and many have struggled with their mental health in dealing with those challenges. The month of May is Mental Health Month, and Mental Health America has created a toolkit that your PTA can use to increase awareness and make a difference in the mental health of those in your school and community.

The toolkit is stocked full of items your PTA can use to promote mental health, including:

  • Outreach ideas, including ones specifically aimed at students.
  • A drop-in newsletter article that you can use with minimal editing to add your PTA’s name.
  • A sample proclamation you can encourage your local government to pass in recognition of Mental Health Month.
  • A collection of handouts, posters, fact sheets you can print out or share online.
  • A collection of social media graphics, including headers for Facebook and Twitter, as well as items you can post.

The toolkit is free to download and all the resources can be shared. Have your PTA plan on supporting mental health throughout May.