The pandemic has presented many challenges for PTAs—fundraising, online meetings, virtual events, and not the least, membership. National PTA has launched Zooming Into Membership, an initiative to support PTA Councils, districts, regions, and states in supporting local PTA membership efforts. 

The initiative is based on several years of work with different levels of PTA to develop a highly-interactive series of events focused on growing PTA encouraging PTAs to share and learn from each other. There will be four kickoff webinars to learn about the program (register for the webinar at the links below):

You can start by reading the What You Need to Know About Zooming Into Membership or watching the introductory video. Then check out the eight steps to use the toolkit:

  1. Create a Zooming Into Membership (ZIM) Team
  2. Create a calendar of ZIM Events
  3. Create a Communications Plan
  4. Decide how you will track event success
  5. Prepare a list of potential local PTA leaders to invite to present at your ZIM events
  6. Prepare, Refine, and Practice
  7. Start on time and end on time when you hold the event
  8. Follow-up

National PTA’s membership outreach team is there to help you as well with your Zooming Into Membership efforts. Register to join the Zooming Into Membership community to get tips and guidance and have access to the latest National PTA resource slides and scripts. Find out more at National PTA’s Zooming Into Membership page.