When asking people to join your PTA, you will likely hear a lot of reasons why they don’t want to join, and many of these reasons are myths about PTA. National PTA has created a flyer of 10 PTA Membership Myths & Truths that you can share with potential members to help with your membership campaign. The flyer also comes with a fillable version that you can add your PTA logo to. Here are those 10 myths.

  1. Myth: PTA membership is only for moms. Truth: PTA is for everyone! Parents, guardians, students, teachers, grandparents, administrators, school board members, aunts, uncles, community members, etc.
  2. Myth: Joining PTA requires you to volunteer. Truth: If you want to volunteer, that’s great, but your support as a member is enough.
  3. Myth: You must have a child at the school in order to join that PTA. Truth: PTA membership is open, without discrimination, to anyone who believes in and supports the mission, purposes, and principles of PTA.
  4. Myth: You can only join PTA in person at an event or at the school. Truth: Many PTAs now offer an online option to make it quick and easy for people to join.
  5. Myth: I do not need to join PTA this year because my child is remote or hybrid learning. Truth: You do still need to join because just like schools, PTAs are moving to a virtual space and continuing to connect families, teachers, and administrators and supporting critical school needs.
  6. Myth: PTA membership never expires. Truth: You need to join every year. Even though membership generally runs annually July-June, you can join anytime during the year.
  7. Myth: You can only be a member of one PTA. Truth: There is no limit to the number of PTAs or PTSAs you can support.
  8. Myth: I do not need to join PTA now that my child is in high school. Truth: Students who attend a high school with a PTA or PTSA are more likely to graduate; and the more members in the PTA/PTSA, the higher the overall graduation rate.
  9. Myth: PTA is only a social club. Truth: PTA is a membership-based advocacy association. Local PTAs build community between schools and families. Join to have your voice heard!
  10. Myth: I can only join a PTA at the beginning of the school year. Truth: You can join a PTA anytime!

The flyer provides one bonus myth that a lot of PTAs believe as well. 

Myth: All PTA activities must happen at a school or on campus. Truth: PTAs can host their meetings, events, programs, etc. anywhere! For example: libraries, community centers, recreation centers, outside, virtually, etc.

Pick up the flyer (or fillable version and add your PTA logo) and share it with your school community to help kick off your membership drive this year.