Illinois PTA has long been a fan of Action for Healthy Kids, and recently, they updated their website and resources, including translating many of the resources into Spanish. If your PTA is looking for program ideas, the updated website has plenty for you.

The resources are now split into three areas:

For each area, there is information on how Action for Healthy Kids resources can help build strong family-school partnerships, work they are doing with school districts, connections to program ideas on the issue, and a story of how a school is implementing a program in that area.

Finally, the Action for Healthy Kids Resource Library contains searchable program activities and ideas that your PTA can implement. Programs can be broken down by health topic, where the program is implemented (from a school hallway to home), the role of who is implementing the program (classroom teacher, parents, and more), and the grade level the program is aimed at. Many are available in both English and Spanish.

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