We all want our children to grow up to lead happy, successful lives, but sometimes it’s a struggle to know if we’re helping them stay on the path to success. Learning Heroes has just updated their Paths to Success resources aimed at middle school and high school students and their families. These resources will help you know that your child is on track to graduate high school and help your child figure out where they want to go after graduation. As always, Learning Heroes resources are available in Spanish as well.

The Paths to Success resources start with a Readiness Check for grades K through 8 in both reading and math. Making sure your child is on track is important because being on track at the end of 9th grade is the best predictor of high school graduation.

The rest of the Paths to Success resources focus on five different areas:

  • Nurture Life Skills: Resources to help your child get organized and deal with stress.
  • Know the Milestones: Resources on high school graduation requirements, things to focus on each year of high school, and what you need to know about standardized tests and college applications.
  • Reflect on Interests: Resources to help you help your child what they want to do after graduation, including how to connect where they are now with where they want to be.
  • Consider Class Choices: Whether they are planning on going to college or into a career right after high school, some of the courses they will need require taking a sequence to get there. These resources help the line up the classes they need and learn about those classes that can help them get a head start on college or career and technical education.
  • Plan Ahead: Resources on how the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) works, how to find scholarships, and how to transfer colleges if their first choice isn’t working out for them.

Raising a child and launching them into adulthood can be difficult, but the Paths to Success resources from Learning Heroes can help you get them to the launch pad ready to blast off.